How Raw Foods Open the Third Eye and Activate More Telepathy

IN 2010I stumbled upon an incredible 600 page book titled, ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. In this book he reports on people that live to be hundreds of years old. One woman in North Carolina lived to be around 140, some people in Japan lived to be over 200 years old. He told stories of men who meditated in caves living off of sips of water and herbal tinctures for up to 50 years. This doctor has a video circulating the web (click here for the link) that shows type 2 diabetics get off of insulin within 30 days of eating raw foods. So what is the deal with raw foods? How does it affect our bodies and minds? What is the point in making this dietary shift?

In his book he breaks down the science of our bodies and how we need less dense food and natural food to tap into our intuitive spiritual sensory abilities. Let’s take a brief look at how this process occurs.

Digestion Improves

Another book I highly recommend is called ‘The Spiritual Science of Kriya Yoga’ which says that regular digestion is the singular most important aspect of our spiritual progress. That’s a pretty bold statement don’t you think? Well when the body doesn’t release fecal matter it circulates into the blood which goes into the brain and causes fogginess. When we consume chemicals in our foods, our body cannot break them down and they are stored in our body, calcifying the natural processes and movements. Natural raw foods contain a high amount of soluble fiber which aids in digestions and the herbs stimulate our digestive enzymes.



Decalcification of Pineal Gland

Raw, organic food has no preservatives or chemicals and help to decalcify the pineal gland.The pineal gland has been an important part of cultures for thousands of years. Check out this quick video of Gabriel Cousens about the pineal gland and juice cleansing. The ancient Egyptian head dresses show how much they valued the connection to the third eye in governing their citizens. The pineal gland can be stimulated through meditation and unblocked by cleansing the body, the blood and the body’s energetic anatomy emotionally. Sound vibrations and alkaline water aid in the decalcification process as well as regular meditation. Toning in mediations and using crystal bowls or gongs also help stimulate this gland.

The best raw foods are dark green leafy vegetables and blue green algae such as E3 live. Wheatgrass, Vitamineral Greens by Health Force Nutritionals and Pure Synergy has some great products to get you started. Incorporate them into your smoothies and try to limit fruit intake to 2-3 servings daily to regulate your blood sugar. Incorporate more raw foods through salads and pick up a raw food cookbook, a vitamix and a dehydrator to get on your journey! If you’re going to get in tune with nature, eat what nature has grown.

Raw food has a high light content, having been grown by the sun. Dr. Gabriel Cousens is only one of many experts on meditation that show our physical state changes when more light is brought into our bodies. This concept of light could also be referred to as chi, life force or prana which moves up the spine and out the crown of the head to connect to other light pathways. Similarly, eating raw food which has a high water content allows nature to interact more with our bodies which is 80% water when hydrated. The planets affect the tides as well as the water in our bodies.



Energetic Body Clarity and Expansion

Raw food will allow your entire body to function optimally. You are a spiritual being naturally and when we add a bunch of unhealthy chemicals, it dulls our 6th sense (which is housed in the pineal gland) and creates a state of comatose wherein we are easily manipulated. If you think of yourself as a radio, picking up on different frequencies, you must have a finely tuned instrument to pick up on the more distant frequencies. It’s easy for us to pick up on mass consciousness which instructs our minds to live the married life in a big house, with a mini-van, a golden retreiver, a white picket fence and two or three children.

The thought forms that are at a higher frequency can be picked up on by our pineal gland but we must look at our body as an antenna that needs certain treatments to operate functionally. If we allow the powers that be to brainwash us into eating gluten and low vibration food, we will never open our third eye to the other dimensions of existence that have been documented for millennia across cultures. If you doubt that there is more to this human experience, I dare you to go raw for 8 months to see if you’re correct. The first time I did, I have never before experienced so much precognition and telepathy. It was incredible how it affects our mind and how we are able to hear the thoughts of others.