Clean Renewable Energy Technology now exists…and it’s Open Source!!

Its important that you understand the title, cause its truly AWESOME!!!
“Open Source Clean Renewable Energy Technology”


“Open Source” = Universal Free Access To Blueprint or Design.
“Clean Renewable Energy” = A process of generating power or energy that does not pollute our environment.

Marko Rodin and Rodin Aerodynamics are true energy pioneers. Inspired by mother nature and using Vortex Based mathematics (tornado, whirlpools, flushing toilets) have design a rodin coil, which is a coil that generates clean natural renewable power, capable of powering any, and all technologies currently in existence, all with out burning a single bit of coal or oil.


This technology was inspired and modeled after mother nature, Rodin managed to reverse engineer and formulate the multi-dimensional formula. Rather then own the technology Rodin Aerodynamics as many corporations often do. Rodin Aerodynamics has made the blue prints of his discovery and made it accessible to the world, so others can implement and expand the concept. Spread this awesome knowledge people!! The challenge with open source is there is no large marketing budget, Mark Rodin and company could easily capitalize on such a concept, but instead they are relying on grass roots efforts, such as this article to raise awareness. If the world had more Mark Rodins and Rodin Aerodynamics, we would be living in heaven but still on earth.