People. Earth. Life. Awesome.

Hah! What an awesome day.

(tl;dr: video at bottom. Get inspired.)

Just sitting down at the typewriter (of course not, this is the internet), feeling inspired to write SOMETHING….. but not entirely sure what.

Resonates with a lot of the rest of my life. Except now, I know what to look for. I know that inspired action leads to desired outcomes. I know that apathy and lethargy lead to boredom and dissatisfaction (aka the springboard for inspiration). I’ve been noticing the shifts in my field relating to my state of mind– my thoughts– and my physiology. I can shift immediately from a neutral/negative pattern into the inspired action-taking badass mindset I’ve continued to uncover over the years (which we all have access to, btw).

It really just takes one thing. (now THERE’s a universal statement…) The idea of “Just one word… from one person… one time in your life… can change everything.” Just think about that. In fact, let’s take it to the core of your belief system (cause why wait?). The things you believe to be true in life were either developed by you or given to you. Most beliefs are given. Whether it’s “hard to get money” or “school sucks” or “the earth is round” — these are all creations and ideas of other people, which have been accepted by yourself and (most likely) the majority of humans on the earth.


Some of these are good, some bad, some for safety, some out of plain old ignorance. Remember the whole “masturbate and you’ll grow hair on your hands” thing? LOL. I mean COME ON. (don’t go there, sickies*)

SO MUCH of what we believe the world to be is simply made up.

Let me repeat that.

So much of what we believe is MADE UP.

That job? That house? That family? That cookie-cutter be-like-everyone-else jonesing up the joneses greener grass mothereffer?

Oh yeah, the same thing everyone in the last century has been dreaming about?

Welp, I don’t know where it came from, but it sure ain’t going to control me and my life.

Yes — I want a house, a mansion, with the 18 car garage and 12 ferraris out front. (Maybe I’ll just pay a visit to Leno instead…). Sure, I’d like the mega-yacht cruise around the world with hot-air-balloon-helicopter-sailing across Madagascar as our annual family trip. Not to get side tracked, so many people live their lives, go to school, get jobs and spouses and kids, continually seeking the better car, house, school, boat, or whatever.


Ok, so what? People have dreams? We’re maybe a little materialistic? We like want and desire the ‘good life’?

The dilemma: so many people are going for those things in order to FIND happiness. Let’s work 80hrs/wk for 5 years so we can get that boat, then we’ll be happy. Let’s cut out Starbucks for 2 years so we can go on vacation. Let’s stay in for 25 weekends so we can spend a week in Bali.

F*&# THAT.

I want freedom. I want an abundance of exhilarating experiences. I want to feel fulfilled and satisfied that my life has resulted in something greater. I want to feel as though I made the world a better place.

What if we didn’t all live the script of school/career/family and just did the things that THRILLED us the most? At the very least, what if we all constantly pursued the things we wanted, and not out of selfishness or ungrounded desire, but because we all knew it was possible to live the lives we’ve always wanted?

It only takes one thing.

One step.


Read that again — what did we end up at? NOW. Maybe you’ve heard Ekhart Tolle and the philosophy of Now. We’re surrounded by beauty and blessings we’re not even aware of, because we’re so cooped up in our minds thinking about yesterday and tomorrow and him and her and it and them. There’s more to now than you may expect.

How is this significant?

One Thing. Now.


You have the magical ability to take an action step. You can do one thing now. One step in the direction of your goal or dream. Want to be a fitness model, but you’re a tub of lard? Go for a walk. Do it again tomorrow. Take a step. You may not have a six-pack overnight, but you’ll be damn closer than you were on your couch.

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Often we don’t even consider big goals and dreams because they appear as unsurmountable, even enemy-controlled territorial mountain ranges. But the great men of history never (ever? EVER?) had overnight success — it was years and years of thinking, labor, failures, learning, and perseverance. They always KEPT GOING towards a DEFINITE GOAL.

So if you’re not happy with the way your life is right now, if you’re not game for the cookie-cutter scripted lifestyles of the modern 21st century, then two things:

  1. If you want things in your life to change, you’re going to have to change things in your life.
  2. Do something now.

Do one thing right now. If you can’t think of anything, take out a piece of paper RIGHT NOW.

Write down one goal for your life. Could be money, relationships, peace, or that new curved TV samsung came out with. The item is not the point — it’s the action.

The tiny ACTION sends a billion messages to your conscious, subconscious, physiological and energetic brains (more on that later), and/or angels/beings running mechanicals of the universe.

You’ll feel it.

It only takes one thing.

Snowball, baby.

Now go watch this cool video.


Dr. Awesome






*takes one to know one