Gigapixels of Andromeda — SPACE will blow your mind.

NASA just was like “Hey! Let’s take the biggest photograph EVAR! And let’s do it in SPACE! Better yet — let’s do another GALAXY!!!”

They only got a quarter of the Andromeda Galaxy, but don’t fret — it’s more stars than you could count in a lifetime. At a massive 69,536px by 22,230px, this is one stinking huge image. It took 411 hubble images, and shows over 100,000,000 stars over 40,000 light years. Whew.

It’s not just a lot of stars — that empty area you see in space out there? Yeah, that black area? That shit ain’t black or empty at all. There are actually SO MANY STARS, that when you look closer, it begins to look like a 3-dimensional surface. We’re talking endless matrix grids of stars. Forever. And ever. And ever. To the point it almost looks like a über-magnified picture of human skin.

This is where it gets interesting for me — we talk about the universe and reality being a reflection of your inner being, you being a reflection of everything in the universe, creating a holographic space of epic proportions and strangeness. Very deep, interesting concepts to consider.

Looking at this picture (read: video) of stars, try seeing it as atoms — atoms forming molecules, going on and on endlessly in space. It’s a trip.

Life is good, check out the video below, and enjoy!

Dr Awesome



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