The Benefits of Yoga and Aligning Your Chakras

As a yoga teacher, I ask people why they come to class a lot. Some people want to get more flexible, others are sick of the gym and some people want to “check out” from their stressful jobs. These are all great reasons to do yoga but those are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of yoga and subsequently the aligning of your chakras. What are the chakras anyway? They are nerve bundles in your body that respond to your emotions and affect your physical health.

Alright, let’s take a gander at some of the awesome benefits of yoga and aligning the electrical pulses going through your nerve bundles–which are also known as chakras.


Stronger Immune System

Can you imagine going years without ever getting a cold or a sore throat? That is part of the myriad of benefits yoga has to offer you. Of course healthy food choices are also a component in that puzzle but yoga allows the systems of your body to work together harmoniously. Your immune system, your circulation, your nervous system and your digestive system will start to cohesively manage themselves. Even your muscles and bones will strengthen and work for you from the increased oxygen flow and strengthening poses.


Stronger Ability To Recognize and Respond to Stress

Your immune system will also be strengthened as your body is able to identify and respond to stress in better ways. Often people just go to yoga to lower stress which is a valid reason to practice. The breathing techniques help to calm your parasympathetic nervous system and practicing yoga helps beat stress by releasing endorphins which help you feel happy.


Deeper Relationships of All Kinds

Memories are stored in the cells in our body. As we stretch and bring oxygen to our muscles, joints and ligaments, those old memories are released. Let’s say we are harboring resentment against a family member or a past lover, when we release those emotions, we create space for new healthy relationships that are more intimate and we are prepared to love more fully.


Less Victim Mentality More Empowered

The yamas and niyamas are the philosophy facets of yoga that help us dissolve our negative ego, attachments and expectations. Through meditation and aligning our chakras, we are able to visualize the problems weighing on our subconscious mind. As we face our fears, let go of our anger and realize our recurring behavioural patterns, we begin to realize that our expectations and attitudes have literally brought every person into our lives to teach us something about ourselves.

Therefore, we see that the person who treated us poorly needed to come into our lives so we could either see how we were treating someone poorly or to learn how to create a healthy boundary and love ourselves. Perhaps learning to speak directly to people was the life lesson you had to learn through that difficult situation. It becomes evident that through yoga and chakra meditation, we can debunk the victim game and take responsibility for what we have attracted into our lives so we can stop repeating behaviors that do not serve us. When our chakras are unblocked, we can more easily think clearly to set an intention that will charge our body with positive emotions and attract more positive experiences.