Inner Child and Shadow Work: The Road To Mental Freedom

The words ‘inner child’ is kind of a buzzword in the self help world but few therapists teach it the way that spiritual teachers do. This is one form of therapy that will go directly to the root of your issue, the core, and heal it. So what is the inner child and the shadow? How do they affect your life and how can you use them to find mental freedom?

This type of work is a life long journey that will continue to help you as you go through new phases in your life. First let’s talk about the inner child. All the memories you have from your childhood are stored in your subconscious. They are in charge of your emotional reactions to your present reality. They are still alive in spirit and affect you. If you have negative memories harboring in your subconscious, inner child work will allow you to see why you’re reacting or attracting negatively in your waking life.



In meditation you can learn to meet the inner child and have them take you to the first time you experienced something that is directly relevant to your present reality. You can give yourself a new memory as if you are editing the film and thereby create new neural pathways in your brain. In many ways, this is neural reprogramming. You can do this with your inner child and your adolescent and it’s best to work with an experienced professional. I highly recommend Lori Camacho who can help people in person or over the phone and has been teaching this type of work for 13 years. Her website is She is a gifted intuitive and healer that has helped people of all walks of life rebuild their lives and become empowered.

The shadow is something that is affected by group consciousness. It’s explained in Deepak Chopra’s book, ‘The Shadow Effect.’ The shadow lives outside of your body and holds things that you’re not yet ready to face. It also holds all of your power. Because we live in a very polarized world, we think of things in terms of good and bad. Meeting your shadow and taking responsibility for the traits you love and hate in others, allows you to get energy from all emotional states and become empowered by your reactions to the characteristics that you find repulsive in others.


Imagine being able to transmute all negative experiences into something magical and useful. Imagine a life where you realize you don’t actually have negative experiences. After all, everything is neutral until we assign it meaning anyway. Energy cannot be destroyed, it must go somewhere and when we learn to redirect the energy in our field, we raise our vibration and our happiness level.

Again, shadow work is not easy, in fact your ego will resist it and make you run in the other direction. If you can break on through to the other side, an incredible new life awaits you. You should also work with a professional healer with credentials and experience on this type of work. There’s no reason to struggle through it on your own, when someone who’s been through it and taken many people through it, can help you.