Astaxanthin and E3 Live: Algae to Raise Your Vibe

There are two rare algae products that can help you live an awesome life. You probably have not heard of them because they are rare and only sold in health food stores or online. Algae is the oldest plant on this planet and it’s protective mechanisms and nutrient density is unmatched. The amount of antioxidants in algae is unmatched as well and it’s anti-cancer benefits are incredible. The chlorophyll in blue green algae actually blocks the radiation receptor and keeps you from getting cancer from radiation. But you’re probably also interested in the day to day and highly relevant benefits of these obscure algaes and where you can find them right?


Let’s get to it. Astaxanthin is grown in Israel in the desert in long tubes that are blasted by the sun. It’s produced by a red marine algae that is hit by the sun and in order to keep itself from dying, produces, astaxanthin. This astaxanthin passes through the blood brain barrier and makes you feel calm yet focus. It will significantly reduce soreness in your muscles, help to oxygenate your blood, increase endurance because of oxygenation as well reduce headaches. It heightens creativity and awareness and is a potent anti-inflammatory agent. There are not harmful affects of astaxanthin as you would find with advil, painkillers and drugs that make you focus like adderall.

You will start to see energy bars with Astaxanthin coming out as the world is starting to get it. Ascend Living, an online and high end supplement company. The only other thing that has astaxanthin are the animals that consume it which are salmon, krill and shellfish. Of course the dose will be much less concentrated.


Next is E3 Live. This blue green algae is grown in ponds in northwest America. It’s been on the market a bit longer but it’s still under the radar. It comes in a frozen form and people usually take it like you would a shot of wheatgrass. It has a similar affect on your brain as astaxanthin and gives you a heightened sense of awareness. It will increase your creativity and because it’s so nutrient dense, it will even help to reduce food cravings.


If you are into what is now being called ‘biohacking’ which is getting your body and brain to perform and function optimally, these two algae’s are going to do wonders for you. People that are fixated on flavor can’t wrap their head around the undeniable benefits of these nor would they probably be open to trying them. When people start to think in terms of nutrients and not in terms of flavor, we start to work with the brain and harmonize the body systems to work together optimally.


When we talk about raising your vibe, we aren’t just throwing some trite new age term out as an empty promise. Everything vibrates and your body is in a constant yet unperceived state of vibration. When we talk about raising your vibe, it means that your body vibrations or wavelengths will become faster and thus you become less dense. You feel the higher vibrations as more positive emotions and because quantum physics has proved we live in a multidimensional universe, we start to attract more of the same wavelength to us. It’s a simple matter of physics that like attracts like. Raw foods from nature vibrate at a higher frequency than dense processed foods so if you want to increase your positive emotions, your intuition and your energy, try these weird plant substances instead of an unhealthy energy drink that gives you a crash and jitters.