Can Ayahuasca Heal Addiction?

Down in Rosarito, Mexico is a place called The Healing Sanctuary. This is a licenced detox facility with many high end holistic technologies that will help cleanse the body of drugs. Many people are turning to ayahuasca to heal their addiction to drugs. While this is one method, it’s not the only one and it’s not always effective. Ayahuasca gives you the experience of being connected to everything. You lose the sense of self. In many ways it is a short cut that leaves people wanting to get back there without the tools to do so. Since we can’t all go around throwing up and tripping on plant medicine, how can we experience this connectedness at all times in a safe way and still function in our personal lives and at work?


I’ve met people and seen documentaries of people who feel their lives were forever changed by trying ayahuasca in a ceremony with a shaman. I’ve also met people that are really into psychedelic drugs and still struggling with addiction after doing ayahuasca. So why does it work sometimes and not other times? What is the strongest thing in the universe? Thoughts actually have a stronger and faster wavelength than speed or sound. Thoughts operate outside of the time continuum and are not subject to the baser laws of physics such as gravity which applies to mass. Thought forms flow in etheric rivers of group consciousness that affect everyone. When we are able to move into a different river than the ones we are used to being in, we expand our consciousness. But who knows if you will land in a river that is helpful or just a different river of consciousness? This is based on the person guiding you and your own intention.

Let’s say you recognize you have addiction, the root of addiction, whether it’s to a substance or a person, is a way of thinking. There are neurons firing over and over again in the same pattern in your brain. Ideally, we want to recognize that pattern and adjust it. In order to see the pattern for what it really is, we have to step outside of ourselves whether through meditation or plant medicine and look at WHY we are have these behaviors. They have a root cause somewhere in our lifetime, usually at a very young age. We can ask spirit to help us find the root cause and our subconscious will guide us there.

This doesn’t always work immediately. Those deeply ingrained patterns take time and effort to heal. It’s not an instant fix although some people claim one plant medicine experience healed them for life which is great. If ayahuasca or other plant medicines are taken without proper guidance and the intention to heal your patterns from the root cause, you will most likely relapse. It will not just do it’s job without you meeting it. Just as meditation requires your active participation to recognize your behavioral patterns as well.


Kundalini yoga is known to help cure addiction because it is able to help rewire your neurological synapse connections. As you send lots of blood and oxygen to your brain, your brain will turn on and at the same time you will be in a safe and peaceful environment where the teacher is guiding you to heal and find self love. The repetition of daily practice helps to retrain your brain while simultaneously detoxing your blood and digestive tract of the toxins from drugs or processed foods (if that was your addiction).

Of course people can be addicted to unhealthy relationships, working out, cleaning and a slew of other things. Kundalini yoga includes guidance to strengthen your inner resolve by feeling more positive endorphins and a stronger magnetic field. Instead of being so easily swayed by the environment, you are taught to have dominion over your choices and which thoughts you allow into your psyche. When people are able to see their thoughts as they come it, they begin to see which are helpful and which they need to ask to leave. It reduces impulsivity and increases what we call conscious awareness.

Not all people’s bodies are wired to be able to handle psychedelics and people have had very negative experiences with these. Most people throw up and some people become incontinent during the 4-8 hours the plant is most active in your system. It is essentially a poison and while it can break you through to a perspective you’ve never before held, wouldn’t you want to do it in a more gradual way that wouldn’t be so intense and scary? Kundalini yoga takes patience and persistence. I think many people are turning to ayahuasca because they one, do not know there is any other alternative and two, want a quick fix.


There is no guarantee that ayahuasca can heal your addiction. It might help yes but if you choose to do it, make sure it’s with an experienced shaman and not someone who just picked up the trade. Meditation and yoga combined with raw organic foods can also help you in your process. Having a trusted mentor who is experienced with helping people who have addiction can also be extremely beneficial. If you don’t have a kundalini yoga studio near you, check out this online channel or set up a phone appointment with Lori Board Camacho through this metaphysical center Awakenings.

Addiction has a positive expression as devotion and when you connect to others in a way that is unselfish and truly of service, you can find that sense of devotion. If you truly are just trying to improve your own life, in a selfish manner, day in and day out, you will not feel a deep sense of satisfaction or fulfillment and your soul will continue to create blocks like addiction to help wake you up to your true nature which has a divine purpose.