Alternative Cancer Treatments: Plant Medicine

A year and a half ago a client of mine was given four months to live. She was diagnosed with glioblastoma which is an aggressive brain cancer. She had to prepare her family and get her affairs in order but she did something very brave. She decided not to undergo chemotherapy and radiation and instead sought out every alternative cancer treatment she could find. She did a 60 day juice cleanse and under the supervision of a physician, started cannabis treatment which comes in pill form.


To the surprise of her doctors, they found no remaining trace of the cancer after about six months. Cannabis is one of many entheogens which are plant medicines that have been used by shamans to heal people for ages. The most important part of my client’s journey was what happened next. There is a major confusion in our society that what happens to the body is purely physical and the emotional component is largely ignored.

My client worked diligently to lower her stress and heal her emotional toxicity which was causing her dis-ease. Just ingesting the plant wasn’t enough and she needed to think of the plant as shamans do which is that it is a sacred ritual of healing that is done with intention. If behaviors and thought patterns are not changed, the dis-ease comes right back.

I took her to see a healer who directed her to work with a shaman. This shaman helped her develop a new relationship with plant medicine. Instead of thinking the plant medicine would work on it’s own, she realized she needed to work with it to heal her own emotional patterns of negativity and own her own feelings more. She started a whole new life which included daily meditation and she began to notice her patterns of negative thinking.


The plant medicine helped her observe her thoughts and notice when she became negative with her family. She began to heal each of her patterns by looking at the root of where the thinking pattern started and she honed in on her personal intentions for the future and began to heal her relationships and began spending her time with more positive people. She created healthy boundaries for herself and stopped taking on other people’s problems. She stopped feeling obligated to take care of everyone and learned to slow down.

Ayahuasca was a big part of her journey as well. This plant medicine helped her to realize how she needed to heal the way she thought of her family relationships. She was holding guilt that started at age six and it largely dictated the way she pleasured herself to be hyper organized and productive.

The journey went on with her having to learn to speak up for herself and create boundaries with all the people wanting to know how her disease was doing. She found her voice and was able to tell people she needed space. She became a stronger person through using plant medicine in a responsible way and through working with a shaman who could guide her.


Plant medicine helped in conjunction with a healthy diet and meditation courses but when taken as just medicine, it was merely a bandaid. The AWESOME thing about plant medicine is that it doesn’t have the harmful side effects of losing your hair or destroying your immune system. It allows cancer patients not to feel pain or nausea. The more people become aware of cases like my clients who are healing holistically, the more likely these natural treatments are to become legalized nationally. If you’d like more information on this subject, check out this video on shamanism and plant medicine which follows people with serious illness into the rainforest to heal with plants: